Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I think I'm going to do posts titled ADVENTURES once a week due to that fact that life IS an adventure no?(that was DEEP, I know)No really, just our little adventures around our little farm :)
One of my daily adventures this Summer has been to the clothes line. No, serously! Its an ordeal to be sure. Let me point out here, that when Hubby put the clothes line up he refused to put the darn thing where I wanted it.. So I have to hike half a mile to it(I'm kidding, a little. I'm totally over it...can't you tell?)ANYWHOO... On with my story...
clean clothes!!

If your looking for a way to save money on your electric bill, hang your clothes on the line! Seriously, Nothing uses electricity like a clothes dryer. Another added bonus is If your husband puts said clothes line, like, a LONG ways from your house than you will also LOSE weight hiking to it... So be sure and request that feature to whoever is putting your clothes line up!
What makes my trips to the clothes line fun, are these little guys. They spot me and come running.

They either sit ON my feet or beside me while I get the clothes off the line
Notice Milo chewing on my shoe...

And then Dunkel decides to maul Milo...Yes, it always happens in that order!

Then I head back to the house (remember I'm like half a mile away. WOW, I really can't let this go, can I?)and they scamper on behind me...

I love my little adventures!
The End.

(the photos are froggy er, foggy due to the HIGH humidity we are experiencing right now. It kept fogging up my lens... Oh well)

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