Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So, NOW you decide to take a nap?

So, yesterday the weather around our neck of the woods was lovely. So lovely In fact that I am convinced that the beautiful spring air in my children's lungs caused them to decide naps were no longer needed when pretty weather outside beckoned to them! So after some time of thinking they MIGHT fall asleep I gave up and told them to commence their playing outside. After Superman was home he headed out to the barn (with superman-in-training in tow:)) to do whatever it is that he does out there, while I fixed supper. Supper was almost ready and I was getting ready to call the guys in when I found my daughter like this...

Sound asleep...on the couch.

So what else am I suppose to do, when supper is ready and she is a mere two hours from bedtime? Let her sleep and Take a picture!( and HOPE she doesn't keep me up too late!)

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