Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sick day

Today my son woke up about 4:30am throwing up. I heard him and envisioned myself spending the next couple of hours cleaning his room up. But no, my grown up little 4-year-old boy walked himself to the bathroom to relieve his sick stomach. OK this may not seem like a big deal, but trust me...IT IS!!! Sorry if this is grossing anybody out...I'm just tellin' It like It is and that's just the way I roll...

I made him a comfy little spot on the couch where he could watch his favorite cartoons and he sweetly told me "thank you and I love you" when I had him all situated with his favorite blanket and pillow. It's those "little" moments with my baby's that I will always cherish!

Now on to my daughter...She has really been a scream to be around today. Let me first explain to you that she is a copy-er, especially of her big brother. Seriously, If he walked off a cliff, she would be one step behind him!
So today, since he was sick than of course she had to be too! She kept telling me "I not weelin goo" and I kept explaining to her that she was fine!(she had already been sick on Sunday)She didn't believe me though...If I made him tea than she had to have some too!

Lastly, when baby girl was napping I found this drawing she had left on the table and I was quite impressed that a 2-year-old drew this...But than I AM her Mother :) Oh, If you where wondering...Its a fish :)


Rachael said...

Nice fish! I have a follower in my bunch too. Elise told Isabelle to "just jump!" off of a table to get down, and she did!!! I told Isabelle to just say no. :)

Glenda said...

I'M impressed with that fish. . .another BG genius!!