Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MFB 2010 Conference

This past weekend we attended the Young Farmers & Ranchers, Missouri Farm Bureau Conference. This was our Fifth year to attend.
It Is held annually at the Tan-Tara Resort In Osage beach Missouri. Its right on the lake but unfortunately this year we did not have a room with a view. this was our view...

Yup that's a road! HAHA Oh well, no good pictures of the lake. And this year I actually took my camera!

We arrived Friday around 4-ish, got settled In our room and then walked around waiting for supper. For the Friday night meal we had Scalloped Potatoes, Pork and green beans. The Kiddos got chicken fingers and Mack and cheese. After supper the President of MFB spoke.

On Saturday morning breakfast was served at 7:15. Its a buffet style of basically whatever you want. Eggs, Muffins, Bacon, Fruit, Cereal, Sausage and biscuits. After breakfast all the committee members share about their farms and what they all do. Its really neat to hear about all the different family's that Farm and Ranch In Missouri.

After that we head off to our Seminars. You get to pick which Seminars you want to attend In the morning. You get to pick four. Each one Is 45 minutes long. I took Shanna and went to the Seminar about how to make homework fun for your kids. Adam took Brison, and I don't remember which one he went too. After those were over, we met up and both went to the Seminar about Nutrition. After that one was over, we split again to go to different Seminars. We only went to 3 seminars instead of the 4, because the kids were tired of sitting. Lunch was at 12:15, It was buffet again, but this time with bread and lunch meat to make your own sandwiches. After the meal their was another speaker, Karen Sparks. She Is the President Of the Missouri federation of Animal owners. It was very interesting and informative.

Doesn't Brison look thrilled?

After that, there was a children's pedal pull, Brison gave It his best. They had It weighed-down GOOD, cause none of the 4 year-olds could get It very far...

There were three Tractors that they had sitting In the hospitality area, and they were used as a Jungle gym by all the kids.

I took the kiddos swimming In the afternoon. After we got back to the room, the kids promptly fell asleep and since I had gotten a migraine, Adam went to supper alone, while the kids and I slept. Adam came back to the room around 9:30pm and said they had a really good Country Band playing, and since I was feeling better, and the kids were awake at that point, we went downstairs and listened to the band for awhile. They were really good. They played one of my favorite Country songs right now, So that was cool!

Sunday morning we packed up and got the car loaded to go home. They served a brunch at 9:15. They had a video presentation of the weekend and then we headed home!!
We had a good weekend, but I was clicking my ruby slipper's together saying "there's no place like home" by the end of It!!

Brison's highlight of the weekend was the what he referred to as the "roller coaster". No, their Is not a roller coaster at the resort. What my son got so excited about Is the jaw-dropping thrill ride known as the escalator!!

The End.


Rachael said...

I adored escalators as a child as well. I still get a thrill every time I see one. (I'm joking.):)

Ruth said...

This looks like a lot of fun, even with out the lake view. :) Brison cracks me up!