Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Case 870

Growing up on a Farm my Dad had a menagerie of tractors. Over time I learned how to drive most of them. But my favorite was this beauty...

The Case 870. *sigh* I loved that tractor. I spent many hours on that tractor... packing silage...Raking hay... Hauling hay in from the fields.... Even though it was one of our bigger tractor's I found it the easiest to drive.

Dad also owned the 1270 Case, It was just a little bigger than the 870 and it had a cab. I loved how the 870 didn't have a cab though. I loved the breeze In my face :)

My husband has been selling and buying tractors lately(more on that later)and that has gotten me to thinking about my favorite tractor I literally grew up driving. So here Is a tribute to My favorite tractor. The Case 870.

I love everything about being farmgirl...Especially all the memories I made, driving around In a Case tractor...on the farm.


Ruth said...

I remember sitting on the wheel of that tractor while you packed silage, fearing for my life as we rolled backwards over the pile of slop. *sigh* Good memories! BTW- I trusted you completely as a tractor driver. ;)

Janet Marie said...

YUP! Good Memories indeed! And Im glad you trusted me!!