Thursday, January 28, 2010


OK, so this is probably the first winter In my entire life that I have actually somewhat enjoyed winter. Not that I have enjoyed being indoors more, I was just really determined not to let myself get the "winter blues".

I am most definitely a summer person. I love everything about summer, the heat, the green grass, the pretty flowers, flip-flops,(ahhhh flip-flops how I miss thee!!). Not that I have hated all winter's. There was that one winter(I think I was about 11)It was 70 degrees in January, and I was running around barefoot...Now that was nice!!

Anywhoo, I went looking through my photos this morning for some photo's of last summer. It always gives me hope when I see pictures of grass that Is green, flowers blooming and my little munchkins running around barefoot :) So here are some photos..I bring them to you In honor of the wonderful Summer I KNOW Is heading my way!

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Ruth said...

Alas! You give me hope!