Wednesday, May 26, 2010


A couple of weekends ago we headed up to the Omaha Zoo with my husbands family.
It was crazy busy with people and strollers and kids... but still fun ;)
Little sister was ready to go, all tucked in her stroller(I got the stroller out to clean it up before we left and she acted like she had found a long lost friend!)

First off we saw the barnyard...the kids loved the goats!

This little goat came right up to my daughter and she was delighted(cause
she wasn't about to get out of HER stroller!)

Then we saw some otters

Then we rode on the train around the zoo...FUN, FUN!

When we were on the train we passed the employee parking and I saw this truck and HAD to take its picture...

I love old trucks! aint this a beauty?! I LOVE the color! Im gonna have to find some nail-polish in that color! Sorry, I got a little off track there...I do not have A.D.D. I SWEAR...Or maybe I do??...anywhoo back to the Zoo...
Riding the rails... Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

While we were on the train we saw Elephants...

And Giraffes...

Then we went to there outdoor bird sactuary. I think the lady said its the second largest one in the world(or something like that)

Im not gonna bore you with a bunch of pictures of birds though...

We saw a poor lonely polar bear.. He needed a hug (I could tell)

The Aqua-marina...Pretty cool! That's hubbys head in an Allis-Chalmers hat(shocking I know!)

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Rachael said...

The truck was definitely picture-worthy.