Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life In the Country...

Growing up on a farm you meet people who love to share with you their dream of owning a bit of land and having a milk cow and some chickens and maybe a horse or two... I also met people who I could tell just felt so sorry for the poor ignorant farmgirl they assumed I was. This story is not for those people though... Its for the ones who dream life in the country is nothing short of "idyllic".

To all you people I give you this...

My children and I awoke this morning and found this snapping turtle...On our porch. Your probably thinking "big deal Janet" but let me tell you that my "porch" is completely enclosed except for the door way. So I have to figure out a way to get said beast through the doorway and off my porch with out it killing me(Yes that was a tad dramatic of me...SORRY, I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed right now).

OH GREAT! I just checked on the the little monster, and it has somehow stuck itself In my sons lawn chair!!(don't you want to be me right now?)

And did I mention It has already bit our dog?

So if you know anybody who wants a snapping turtle let me know!

(and a little word of advice if you happen to find yourself in a similer situation... trying to push it with a broom makes them VERY angry... and don't be fooled, they may look rather clumsy... they actually move quite fast when provoked. Of course they don't move in the direction you want them to, Oh no, they move(Its a cross between a "jump" and a "lunge") towards you! Fun, FUN!!)

So yes, the country life is not always "perfect" I could share many, many stories with you, like that one Summer our goats got out nearly every-single-day... Or that time we were chasing our Horses down the road(they were pretty much wild at that point) and dont get me started on how often the cows would get out! I know the country isn't for everyone, But Its born and bred In me to love the Country life...no matter what!

UPDATE: I ended up pushing it off the porch with a piece of plywood, with it pushing against it and snapping at me the whole time(they are crazy strong). It gladly headed off and it and I were glad to be rid of eachother...for now.


audrey said...

Holy Snapping Turtle! You are never bored at your house, Janet! Can you lure it out with food other than yourself or your dog??? Good luck, cuz.

Glenda said...

Never a dull moment. . .when this is dealt with you will no doubt wonder, " WHAT will happen next? . ." . . . and you drove all that way to see the turtles at the zoo

Janna Qualman said...

I'd be overdramatic, too! Tee hee.

My kids'd want to keep it for a pet. Mike would release it down the hill in the water. ;)

Rachael said...

Maybe it's laid off? Offering itself as a target to make Adam's target practice a mite more interesting? Or maybe it's in the mood to be like a Chipotle-style speed bump?