Thursday, April 8, 2010

You get a line, I'll get a pole...

Last night I bought little sister her first fishing pole! She Is beyond excited about it. Its so cute!

Of course brother had to show you his fishing pole tooo :).

Last summer we put a weight(no hook!) on the string for Brison, so he could practice casting when we were at the pond. He got pretty good at it too! So that's were we will start for sister :). I am so excited for this Summer! The kids are getting bigger and Its so much fun to see life through there little eye's! Brison came running in the house this morning and informed me that "there are FLOWERS on the TREE"!(our ornamental pear tree) Sooo cute!


Janna Qualman said...

N needs a new one this year. And we like the weights, too. So hassle-free for the little ones.

I hope you guys have a blessed summer. You're so right; it's amazing to experience the world through little eyes.

Ruth said...

We should all go fishing for Brison's birthday, again! That was so fun and no Shanna and B.G. won't be fighting over the fishing pole! They have the same one now!

Kelly said...

Is Brison's pole still white? hee, hee

Thinking about stocking our pond... will you teach my kids?!!! I havn't been fishing since I was like FIVE!