Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well, here I am. Close to the end. Seems like yesterday I saw 2 little lines turn pink. Its a little hard to believe! Like my other pregnancys this one has gone smoothly.

In April we found out we are having a BOY!! We thought we were going to wait to find out, but I ended up having a sonogram and when the sonogram technichian asked If a wanted to know the gender (if she could tell)... I said YES! We had a brief moment where his foot was blocking the ummm, (ahem) view, but then he moved it and she announced it was a boy :) It was a fun surprise cause we were kinda thinking it was a girl. My little sister was right the whole time. She kept telling me it was a boy! We are so excited and cant wait to meet him!

Brison took this picture of me (thus the angle). I am just now starting to get people asking me when I'm due so I must be looking pregnant!

His name has been picked out for awhile and like my other childrens name I LOVE IT! And like my other children we wont be telling his name until after he is born. At my nieces birthday party last week my sister and friend kept bribing me with all kinds of stuff trying to get me to tell! HAHA! Cracked me up. Until he is here in my arms, my lips are sealed on the matter! Brison and Shanna are anxious to know too and keep asking me as well!

Well, being 37 weeks means we are definitly on baby count down around here. Its all very exciting! WE are blessed.

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