Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last Night...

I was folding laundry and had the show The Biggest Loser on. My son walked in the room and was shocked to see 'santa' on the show! It was hilarious. I couldn't convince him that that WASN'T Santa! :) But it was so cute!

Also last night, the kids and I got on the topic of the new baby... Up to this point anytime anybody would ask B "Do you want a little brother"? he would always respond with "I don't know what it is"! And baby girl would always respond with "its a boy" ( I believe this came from the fact that she has an older brother and so I think she just assumed this would be a boy as well. That's my theory anyway!)
Anyway! Last night It finally kinda hit both of the kids what it would mean if the baby is their own gender. B started talking (pretty much out of the blue!) about how he REALLY wants a brother! Also how he wouldn't mind sharing his room (awwwwwww) I think it actually hit him how neat it would be if he had a little brother. Though he DID ask if the baby would get his OWN toys :) Babygirl then chimed in that she wants it to be a girl(I think that's the first time I have heard her say that)
It was a very fun conversation to have with the kids. Hopefully nobody will be too disapointed though... cause unless Im carrying boy-girl twins somebodys NOT going to get what they want :)
I truly believe though the when they see their new sibling, be it boy or girl they will fall in love, as I know we all will.


Ruth said...

Of course it' a boy!

Midwest Madam said...

I just found out the good news! Congrats!!!