Friday, September 2, 2011

Full Circle...

I shared yesterday how I was not liking the paint color I had picked for a room in my house. I had shared my woes with my older sister. She encouraged me that I could always repaint it in a year If I REALLY didn't end up liking it( sister's are the best!)

I was also sad about HAVING to cut bangs on my daughter yesterday(I SWORE I would never cut bangs on my little girl. I notice them on other little girls and they always look messy to me)

Then this morning My sister sent me THIS

Proof that the color YELLOW is ingrained in my brain...

She asked who this reminded me of? So if the fact that my daughter has bangs now makes her resemble well, um.. ME! I will take it :)

Life is coming full circle for me at this moment... and I'm enjoying it :)

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