Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let Them Be little

Last night our Homeschool group had there end of the School year program. B's class was The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. They read Dr. Seuss books learned about rhyming and did all kinds of fun stuff. My son thoroughly enjoyed it. On the last day they were told they could dress up as a character from one of the books. B picked "THING 1" from the book "The Cat In The Hat"! If you are not familiar with them here is a picture

Here is his costume :)

Since I didn't feel like Dying his hair blue(and I threw it together too late to get a blue wig) I made a mask :)

At the program, they had the Kindergarten class came up on stage while they had a slide show. One of the first pictures to come up was one of B :)

Ad you can see, he was not the only THING 1!! Their was also a THING 2!

As they walked off the stage B was the only one to stop and give his teacher a hug. He was to fast and my re-flexes to slow to get a picture of it. It was sweet, and TOTALLY something he would do. He loves everyone.
While they played the slide show the song Let Them Be Little Played. To say I didn't cry would be a lie. Here is the song. So why don't you listen to it while I go finish off the box of tissues...

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Glenda said...

Precious. Love the mask!