Saturday, July 10, 2010

No, Im not dead....

Sorry for my lack of absence in the blogging world! and yes I realize that I am saying that to one person!! Hi Rachael!! :)
My life has been rather busy lately and I have just not had the time for my dear old blog :(
A few updates include...My daughter turned 3 June 7Th!

Her Grandma H. got her a pony with its own tree house!! Oh that every pony were so lucky!! :P

This Summer Big brother has been the finder of the small slimy creatures around our place(insert me *shuddering* here, as I am NOT fond of touching these creatures)

We have had fun swimming in our "pool"

Resting on "BIG AL" dont worry...I have tamed him...

Brother likes playing in the dirt!

And I enjoy taking pictures of the sunsets!

Oh and this thing showed up on our porch a couple of weeks ago...At this point it has become a sore subject and NO, I don't want to talk about it...

Also little miss has now started doing her own hair!(at times) Got-a LOVE that!! :)

Well That's all for now...BYE!

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Rachael said...

Love the hair Shanna!! BIG AL is AWESOME!!!!!